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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Clothing in Syria E.M.C.T.
Euro Mediterranean Master in Culture and Tourism
4th Edition 2011/2012
Subject : Language, Culture and Identity – 1.5 CFU – Dr. Sara Laviosa
By Morhaf Barmo a student at  the  EMCT 4th

The essay is about the clothing in my country, Syria

The contents :
1 - Introduction : the cultures and its clothes in the world and Syria.

2 - Paragraphs   : a- the varieties of traditional clothes in Syria
                            b- how the clothes has been changed by the time
                            c- the effort is done to protect it of messing 
3 - The summary or the conclusion

                                  the fact of how it has been changed and the result

Clothing in Syria

As it is known every country or region has its own present and  traditional clothing, which is the custom's reflect of the country or the region  in the past or the present. Syria as a country has a rich different  kinds of clothes used regionally, and some of them still used until know and the others disappeared.

Although Syria is a small country related to its size, but it has many  traditional clothing in many regions, and some of effected by the around near countries and some is local. Effected areas like the areas next to Turkey in the south of Syria, this area has tow kinds of clothing a Kurdish and Aleppo,the first is related near area of Turkey,  but the second is local . the second area in Syria is the area next to Iraq this area has one traditional kind of clothing which effected by the Iraqi clothing .
The third area is Damascus which is the capital, this area has the the most famous traditional clothing that has been used for many years. the fourth and final area is the south ,Daraa, this area also effected by the Jourdan's traditional clothing. thus, there are variety of traditional clothing in Syria.

In these days a lot of people like young people, who they are majority in Syria, has moderated their way in dressing, and started to wear the modern clothing as all the world does , so in the past when anybody, who knows all of the Syrian clothes, see someone from Syria he can indicate where he is from, but know he can not know where the young people are from.

For trying to protect the traditional clothing of being missed, many efforts has been made by the Syrian government and some social unions by managing the  clothing festivals and clothing exhibitions. But the best have done of all is what  the old people  have done, they denied to forget and moderate their clothes to the new ones, so they are extremely protecting the traditional of being missed and they also do not like what the guys and the girls wear so they always try to convince then to keep wearing the old fashioned clothes  .

Of all above, we can indicate that Syria is like any country has its own present and traditional clothing local or effected by the near countries, but with more variety and more efforts to protect these traditional clothing of the modern life, and what will happen in the future that all clothes will be a modern and the farther future the modern will be traditions .

By Morhaf Barmo

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